Annual pastor evaluation


You will soon be seeing a revised form that the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPR) has developed as a pastor evaluation tool.  The form will be a straight forward, single page document that asks questions to help evaluate Pastor Carlo’s performance over the past year.  We ask you to prayerfully consider your responses.  Answer based on your personal impressions.  There is no wrong answer.  There is room on the form to answer “Not Applicable” (NA).  Use this column if you don’t have enough information to answer the questions.  There will be a collection box clearly labeled outside the church office in which to place your completed forms.  The tool is designed to be anonymous but you may elect to sign the form if you wish.  There will be room for you to write comments on the back of the evaluation.  If you have a concern you wish to have addressed in person, you may leave contact information on the form.  A member of the SPR will get with you.  The forms must be returned by Sunday, November 10th in time to be tabulated and the results reported to the Bishop by November 15th. Your participation in this pastoral evaluation will be appreciated.  Jeff Worrell,