Introducing Mail Chimp for mass emails

The 2003 CAN-SPAM Act set out rules for bulk mail that everyone is required to follow, including the church. A few of the many requirements include:mail chimp

  • Senders must offer an opt-out method in the email, or honor recipients’ right to opt out of receiving future bulk mailings, within 10 days of making the request. Using the “reply-to us and we’ll remove you” method is legal, but if those requests are accidentally deleted by a spam filter, the sender could get sued. The safest method is to provide a link that automatically removes the person from future emails.
  • Bulk emails can only be sent to people who asked to receive them. If an email is marked as spam, the sender is flagged. Senders who cannot prove that the recipient signed up to receive the emails are blacklisted and may no longer be allowed to send bulk emails by their email providers.
  • Senders must comply with state, federal, and foreign laws in the states and countries where the emails are sent to and from.
  • Bulk emails must provide contact information for the sender, as well as a notice about why the recipient is receiving the email.

Requirements are complicated and change frequently, so the best option is to use a third party distribution service to make sure that we are following the law. The church is now using Mail Chimp to distribute all bulk emails. Our email address,, is still the same, and all replies to bulk emails will go directly to that address. We also have a new online sign-up page for anyone who wants to receive church communications: You can change your subscription preferences by clicking on the link at the bottom of any bulk email that you receive. Please contact the office, 696-2353, if you have any questions or comments.