Recycle for a Reason: Kids Corner

kids recycle

The last two months of Kid’s Corner has gone well! Thank you to Donna Newkirk for helping at the September sale. Your vision for where this program could go is inspiring! In September, we had 10 kids participate. Some were repeaters from August, but most of them were new participants. The children learned about Noah’s Ark and God’s promise with the rainbow. They made little rainbows to take with them and learned the song Arky Arky using puppets to “help” sing the song and further learn the lesson.

In October, we had 23 children participate. The children learned about creation and the wonders of fall through creation. Using yarn and a cut out of a pumpkin the children “created” their own pumpkin to take with them. The song learned was The Butterfly Song, which speaks of the uniqueness and differences we all have and how we thank God for making us individuals.

May God continue to bless this program and all of the programs that outreach into our community through UMCC.