Stephen Ministry: the meaning of the care giver’s compass

Stephen Ministry is symbolized by the Care Giver’s Compass. The Compass summarizes the most important characteristics of a Stephen Minister and guides them in their care giving.  Stephen Ministers are compassionate caregivers; they share their care receiver’s pain and help them bear it. They embody Jesus’ promise to never let us suffer alone.

stephen compass

By God’s grace Stephen Ministers are full of faith. They bring Christ’s care to their care receivers and trust God to bring results. They pray with and for their care receivers, share scripture with them, and use other distinctively Christian caring tools in their relationships.

Stephen Ministers are skilled caregivers. They take their training seriously and are so committed to their care receivers that they strive to care in the right way at the right time. They not only recognize their God-given gifts, they work to develop them.

Stephen Ministers know that trust makes care relationships possible, so they relate to their care receivers in a trustworthy manner. They maintain confidentiality. They show up for visits and follow through on promises. They stick with their care receivers through thick and thin.

Stephen Minsters are Christ-centered. They know that their calling to care comes from Jesus and that he is the power behind all that they do as Stephen Ministers. When Stephen Ministers care, they bring Christ’s care to their care receivers; they never think their care receiver’s well-being depends on what they do but, instead, on what Jesus does in and through them. Stephen Minsters work on staying connected to Jesus so that they will be able to bring his love to others