Thursday night R4R set-up party

A great time was had by all on Thursday evening, October 9th.  The set-up for the Recycle for a Reason (R4R) sale is a process that starts in the early afternoon with volunteers putting up tables in preparation for setting out the boxes, bags and tubs of donations in the evening. This month, the evening crew arrived about 6:30 p.m. to a wonderful surprise! All those containers were already spread out in the Community Center.  We only had to unpack and display the goods.  It seems we had been blessed that afternoon by some adults from our church family (AA members included) and a group of Eagle River High Jr. ROTC cadets led by Chief MSgt Bill McNew, USAFRet.  They worked with dollies, carts and sheer muscle to move all the stored goods to the tables.  It was an awesome sight to arrive thinking of boxes, tubs, piles and bags to be moved and instead finding almost half the work already completed. You should have seen the smiles on everyone’s face, the surge of energy that hit the group and the wonderful praises for mystery elves.

recycle image

As a group we were able to get all, and we do mean all the stuff out for display. We didn’t leave any unpacked boxes for the morning sale crew. The donations were out and clients were able to see everything and find exactly what they needed.  Many were blessed through the efforts of the whole set-up crew.

Another Thursday Set-up Party is coming on November 7th. Why not join us around 6:30 p.m. and put a smile on your own face?  Or if you can join the afternoon elves, contact Kay Abrams.  There is a place for everyone in this church…maybe yours is in the Community Center on the Thursday before the monthly R4R Sale!  Questions?  Contact