Financial news

report_6493cnLike your household, the Finance Committee works in cycles throughout the year.  Currently we’re working on next year’s budget.  That process begins with the expense side of the ledger, where the church’s committees provide their known and projected expenses for the coming year.  These include Apportionments (our share of support needed by the denominations world-wide), staff, building maintenance, utilities, insurance, missions, programs and administrative expenses.  Next year’s costs are projected at $430,157 ($8,000 below this year’s budget).

As you know we’re wrapping up our stewardship campaign, where we ask for your pledges to the church in order to build the ‘income side’ of the budget.  Quite frankly the pledge campaign is disappointing so far, in that we’re well below the amount needed to fund the church and our programs.  If you haven’t filled out your pledge card we ask that you prayerfully consider your giving as soon as possible and turn in your intended giving card.  Please remember that electronic giving is also an option.  Rachel Runyan can explain how easily this program can be set up and how it benefits the church.  Our budget is due by December 19, so that it can be voted on by the church council.

While we’re building next year’s budget we’re also monitoring this year’s financial picture.  Here is a summary of the Church’s finances through October 2013.

Budgeted “Income” or Giving$322,955 Actual “Income”$298,006


Budgeted expenses$368,557 Actual expenses$282,923

The ‘unbalanced’ budget is standard practice in our church, where there is a certain amount of ‘faith’ income in the budget, and as some of our leaders will attest, reflects God providing, and he always has/always will. As you review the numbers above, there is a good news story.  Income exceeds expenses by a healthy amount, allowing us to meet the needs in all our mission areas.  Our building loan is also now below $680,000, another good news story.

The Finance committee meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.  Please join us if you’d like to learn more, or ask any member of the finance committee: Don Weckhorst (Chair), Wally Thomas (Vice Chair), Jacqui Decou, Rachel Runyan, Warren Ulrich, Ellen Franklin (Financial Secretary), Trish Demonfort (Treasurer), Kay Abrams (Lay Leader), Marie Sweezey (SPR Representative) And Bonnie Bailey (Trustee Representative).

As we near the end of the year, we ask you to look over your individual giving.  Have you met your pledge?  Are you especially grateful for the year just closing?  It may be time to ‘catch-up’ on your commitment or a chance to thank God for his blessings with an additional gift.  The church will appreciate your effort.