Homework Club to begin in January

homework-clubAfter working weekly since October to set out a “business” plan for an afterschool program for elementary children in the immediate neighborhood, the Exploratory Committee feels the Homework Club is ready to begin early next year.  Once a minimum number of volunteers is in place, we’ll start a door-to-door campaign to enroll participants.  On January 2 an open house is scheduled at the church to include a soup and sandwich meal.  A tour of the building (Level 1) will orient the children and their families to the potential of supervised study/story time and activities in our beautiful gym.  The Tuesday/Thursday afternoon program is due to start on January 7 when the Fire Lake Elementary students get off the bus.

To learn more about the program or to volunteer with the kids, talk to Susan Day, our UMCC “on-the-deck” representative or any member of the Advisory Committee:  Cindy Bombeck (Fire Lake Elementary teacher/ member of St. Andrew’s), Susan Bookbinder (St. John’s Orthodox), Rev. Steve Heinsen and Ryan Strehlow (Our Redeemers Lutheran), Tara Riordan, Kay Abrams, Chuck Foster (UMCC).  Any of the members can email you a copy of the overview.