Be healthier – join the new wellness program

Beginning January 5,  Get My People Going, an eight week wellness journey, will launch. This program encourages you to identify small changes in your life that would help you be healthier. The participant guide books are available in the church lobby or from your Faith Community nurses. Sign up with your email and we will keep in touch with encouraging messages! On Sundays you are welcome to check in with us.  Periodically structured classes may be held that correspond to the chapters.

The beginning of the New Year is an opportunity to choose one, two or three areas in which you would like to improve. You set your own goals. We will encourage each other with the support of Exodus stories about the adventures of the Israelites. Don’t feel you must make drastic changes; small steps can better your life by forming healthy habits.  At the end of the program you will be asked to evaluate how you’ve done, adjust your goals and keep on moving on your journey to wellness.

Each booklet is small enough to carry in a purse, briefcase or backpack. You can keep it handy for health tips and to review the reflections that connect the Bible passages to your own experiences.

If you’ve already missed the starting date of the program, don’t hesitate to join now … you can begin whenever you decide to make a change.