Making a faith budget – what it means

We operate the church on a faith budget, and if you’re relatively new to the church or haven’t had the opportunity to serve on some of the committees or attend a Church Council meeting, you might ask ‘what is a faith budget?’  In the most basic terms a faith budget is unbalanced in terms of expenses and income, and in our case projected expenses for 2014 are just over $439,700 while projected income is just over $358,100.  The $81,600 difference is the faith part.

A faith budget is a bit unique, but works for UMCC.  It works because during execution we have always managed to cover our must-pay expenses like the building mortgage, utilities, insurance, staff and pastor salaries, apportionments and mandatory building maintenance.  However, we often must delay some of the building and parsonage maintenance, updates and upgrades.   During emergencies (like a massive roof leak) we’ve had to appeal to you for additional financial support.

While the 2014 budget isn’t quite finished, the Finance committee is nearly there, and will present a budget close to the numbers quoted above to the Church Council later this month.  During the review process there may be opportunities to answer questions about some of the budgeted items and bring the income-expense numbers a bit closer, but there is certain to be a ‘faith element’ to our budget.   That’s where you come in … and no, it doesn’t mean we’ll be asking for additional pledges.  Instead, you can give your time, talents and skills to help with building and parsonage maintenance and upgrades and experience a ‘faith budget in action.’  Next month you will be informed of the final budget and you’ll also hear how you can contribute your time and talents.  We have faith in you and know that with God’s help, this congregation can make a faith budget work.

If you have suggestions or questions about the budgeting process, contact the Finance Committee at