New Day Alaska community beginning

New Day Alaska is a faith-based community that is grounded in worship, friendship and Bible study. The community comes together to eat, to worship, and to study the Bible. We share our joys and concerns as we gather in community.  New Day Alaska brings together people from different incomes, ages, cultures and faiths. The goal is to create a place where people can feel cared for, accepted, and loved.  New Day Alaska uses theologically-rich conversation and its multi-generational/multi-racial constituents in an effort to build authentic community.

New Day Alaska is a place where everyone can be exactly who they are. It is a place where people can participate in shaping the worship service, not a place where someone else is leading the worship experience.  By engaging in the worship experience, rather than having someone give a sermon, we hope to learn from each other, share our gifts, and nurture our faith.

New Day Alaska encourages people to become intentional about their faith, to open their houses as meeting places, to share their gifts and resources, to be present in their neighborhoods and be witnesses of Christ’s love to others through relationships. It is doing simple and small things with love. It means being the small sparkle or light that shines in the midst of darkness.

Our missions arise from the community as the Holy Spirit leads. The members of New Day Alaska cultivate friendships, build community, and share Christ as a way of life. Through these simple means of relational missions, we experience and see the Spirit at work among us. We reach out to our neighbors who suffer from gender, racial and ethnic inequality in our community and in the world.

We welcome you to consider being part of New Day Alaska as we go into the communities to which God is calling us. Your support through your presence and actions is most welcome. For more information on New Day communities in general, check the website: . For information on upcoming New Day Alaska events, like us on Face book at

Finally, New Day Alaska announces a dinner on Saturday, February 1, at St. John United Methodist Church from 6:00 p.m. More information about this evening of food and entertainment from around the world will be coming later in January. But, mark your calendar now for this evening of fun, fellowship, and fundraising!

From Pastor Kirimi Ikiugu and the Lead Team


Brothers and sisters: Pray until something (mission) happens and pray until love (of Christ) lives!