Confirmation 2014

The United Methodist Church of Chugiak offers a Confirmation program to high school students. This program has a slightly different twist from the ones in many other churches. It is designed not necessarily as a pathway to church membership, but rather as an investigation into the faith necessary to live a Christian life.  The investigation takes place, one on one, with an experienced Christian from the congregation who acts as a mentor.   Each confirmand and mentor meet weekly to discuss a variety of topics, with each one sharing his/her perceptions.  On this faith journey, both the confirmand and the mentor find themselves growing from one another’s questions and insites.  This program stresses that young people can become responsible for their own faith through study, thoughtful gathering of information and by talking/listening to God.

The teams also participate in service projects, field trips to other churches, and a day-long retreat with Pastor Carlo.  The weekly sessions cover 10 topics, beginning in January and ending in late April. After completion of the program, a Confirmation ceremony is held during church services.

To date, three teens are participating in this program.  If you are interested in mentoring a young adult, participating as a confirmand or in any other capacity, please contact Julie Foster or Pastor Carlo.