Spring Health Fair on March 15

UMCC is hosting a Spring Health Fair in the Community Center (gym) on Saturday, March 15 from 8:00 a.m. until noon. See the information below for details of lab tests offered and more information about the fair.

Chemistry/Hematology $45
(panels 27 different tests, fast for 10-12 hrs. prior)
Thyroid $30
Prostate $25
Vitamin D $50
A1C $25
Blood Typing $20

*Must be 18 to have blood drawn. Please drink lots of water for all blood draws. Fasting is only required for the $45 chemistry panel. Diabetics should not fast and all prescription medications should be taken as normal.

People willing to help direct the fair goers around the church to the various exhibits and screenings or those willing to provide hospitality food for fair goers and volunteers, please contact the fair site coordinator, Betty Burke at parishnurses@umcchugiak.org for more information. Sign-up sheets for foods needed will be posted in the Narthex outside the Sanctuary starting Sunday, February 23.