Homework Club volunteers earn gratitude

The impetus behind the Homework Club is to show Christ’s love for all by partnering with parents to 1) help children learn and grow and 2) provide children a safe and fun place to play. These goals could never have been accomplished without the many hours of service given by people from this United Methodist Church and the community. The Club has been blessed with the guidance of Cindy Bombeck, a Fire Lake Elementary teacher and her friends, Jennifer Holden, Cathy Ward, Mrs. Friedrich, Angel and Xenia. In addition, the United Methodist Church of Chugiak contributed not only money for the mission, but the services of Kay Abrams, Betty Burke, Donna Collins, Clare Cook, Susan Day, Cathy John, Radie Rapanut, Tara Riordan, Amy Steffians, Sarah Taygan and Jan Wachsmuth. King’s Way Ministry Center inspired Liz Lebo to join the program.

Support for the program also came from the local Food Pantry who blessed the children with its excess fruit, Wal-Mart who donated supplies, and others who contributed food for snacks.   Fire Lake principal Lindsay Henry expressed the school’s appreciation to the volunteers with an invitation to a reception on April 25 at the school.