Homework Club winds down

The Homework Club, started in January of this year, is now in the process of completing its first semester. At the first meeting of the Club, 10 participants arrived. Not bad, considering only one came to the open house held the week before. As the weeks progressed, the numbers increased, 11, 13, 16, 22 and on up to 32. All the children ride the Fire Lake Elementary school bus and come directly to the church for their afternoon snack as well as help with their homework. The smiles they bring are the only payment they give to the volunteers   who help each day, but those smiles are more valuable than money.

May 20 will be the last day of the program but students have long been inquiring about its continuance. Will the program continue next year? Many hope it will. Is this a commitment that you could make, to spend 2 ½ hours a week with children who treasure an open, airy space in which to study and play? Most of the children live in mobile homes that house 8 to 12 other individuals. Having individual help, a quiet place to work and the possibility of organized games afterwards is a great incentive to bring these children to our door.