Air miles needed for Pastor Ikiugu’s return to Kenya

Dear Friends,

Pastor Kirimi Ikiugu, who has served New Day Alaska since last October, has decided he needs to return to Kenya because his wife and child were denied a visa to join him here. He plans to leave on June 12.  Donation of air miles to get him home would be a great help. Nairobi airport is 8294 air miles from Anchorage. He plans to stop in Seattle en route so air miles from Seattle to Nairobi would also be helpful. It would be appreciated if each church could check to see if any members of your congregations would be willing to donate.  The whole amount would be easier to arrange but smaller amounts of miles could probably be used.  We also need guidance and help from someone who is able to handle the transfer of miles from one person to another. If anyone is able to help out, please check with me or the Conference Office, 333-5050.

Abbe Dunning-Newbury