Sale money from Recycle for a Reason is at work

The Recycle for a Reason project was designed to be wholly missional, that is, usable donations are accepted to help people use God’s resources wisely, to help everyone de-clutter their lives, and to provide for those in need. In addition, donations collected from the sale of the undistributed goods are used for missional outreach by the church. The project has held fast to its plan as evidenced in the Homework Club’s mission to our neighborhood children.

In an effort to keep the local children safe and involved in healthy outdoor activities this summer, the church provided bicycles for eight children in the Club who were without “wheels” and bike helmets to 25 children who didn’t own one. Some bicycles were collected from community donations, but four were purchased new. Helmets were also purchased.

On May 20, the last day of the Homework Club this spring, all the children who regularly attended Homework Club were invited to bring their bikes and new helmets for afternoon activities at the church. The children were given their usual healthy after school snack and were then invited to decorate their helmets and bicycles with stickers of all kinds. In addition, each child had his helmet personally fitted and received safety tips on its use.   The day ended with 30 children racing around the lower parking lot on their bicycles amid shouts of joy. It was hard to tell which group had the wider smiles, the racing children or the adults who worked so hard to make it all possible.

Although the activities ended at 5:30 with the children being escorted home, by 6:00 p.m., many had returned to take a few more spins around the lot.

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