God provides: a personal account

In multiple books of the Bible we read about God’s people asking, and sometimes begging, God for things they want or need. They don’t always receive what they asked for but if they are observant and accepting, they may find that what they received, in fact, met their needs.

This applies to each of us today and it applies to our efforts in helping others in our community. This congregation has worked diligently to make R4R (Recycle for a Reason) into a wonderful mechanism to help others obtain what they need, to provide a venue for the public to share their wealth and to keep useful items out of the landfill.

In June, another successful shopping event was held at UMCC. Many people were able to get what they needed for their families at a price that fit their budget.

Another opportunity is coming on July 11 and 12. Will we have enough donations from collecting goods for just 10 hours? God knows what items will be necessary to fill the needs of our community; we can’t know specifically but we can ask Him to provide. All we can do is invite donations by posting fliers, word of mouth, newspaper articles, and relationships with our neighbors.

The following story will illustrate this point. One evening a family who was retiring to Arizona called the Food Pantry in Eagle River to offer their leftover food and some furniture. They were leaving the next day. Why did they call the Food Pantry? Because God answered their need for food 17 years ago when they first came to Eagle River. In addition, they are now reaching out to others in need by donating their furniture to UMCC’s Recycling program.

This photo shows the load of furniture coming to UMCC. The furniture and the driver who provided the labor are actually an answer to a prayer for items which will fulfill many needs.

Thank you God, for teaching us to ask for your help. Thank you also for patience and a willingness to receive what you want us to have. Amen

Jan Wachsmuth
R4R Coordinator