Word of UMCC missions spreads

A former member of the Chugiak United Methodist family, who recently moved to Palmer, tells us that R4R (Recycle for a Reason) is the talk of the town in that northern community.  His neighbors know how we’ve supported the needy in our community and the world and also about the great buys they can garner at our sales.

In June, another gentleman from Palmer, having heard of the annual potluck/picnic to honor our local volunteer firefighters and EMTs, stopped by with a truckload of hamburger and hot dog buns.  He had heard of our “good works” and wanted to add his support.

One aspect of mission is to inspire others to “do all the good you can, whenever you can”, to quote John Wesley, and UMCC has been successful in doing this.

Our monthly community recycling programs, R4R, has reached a milestone.  As of June’s garage sale, we have ministered to and through 55 organizations or groups that serve our community near and far.  This month R4R added four entities by giving them goods that were collected on the last Saturday of May and the first Saturday of June.

All of the organizations, other churches, and non-profits enhance the lives of those in our community and the world.  Each group has a targeted clientele, whose needs they know about.  Doing God’s work requires efficiency to get the most for the money.  By helping those who have contacts already established, R-4-R supports their missions as well.  We bring God’s love to the world by making it possible for more people to serve others.