Church Is a Verb Sunday—August 17

Church is not just a place we go to. It is something we are and we do. August 17 is “Church Is a Verb” Sunday. Instead of a full-length worship service, we will gather at 9:30 a.m. for a brief devotion and then be sent forth in teams to our community to “do” church and “be” the church. Service opportunities are listed on the tables in the lobby, so be sure to sign-up. Childcare will be available.

Work Teams:

1. Blanket tying. Bring sharp scissors. Janet Ulrich, leader.

2. Removing debris from around our stretch of the Old Glenn Highway. Bring gloves. Stacy Flagg, leader.

3. Assemble school supplies and backpacks for CCS Head Start Preschool. Nancy Dodge and Sandy Anderson, leaders

4. Birchwood Camp trail clearing. Bring cutting tools and chainsaws. Steve and Marie Sweezey, leaders.

5. Weed and debris removal in and around church playground. Bring gloves and weed whackers. Led by the Trustees.