Search for our new Pastor continues

The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPR) is working closely with Superintendent Carlo Rapanut to find a pastor to replace Linda Jean Meyers.  Pastor Carlo preached Sunday, July 20.  After the 20th, each Sunday may seem a little different.  There may be different pastors or lay speakers in the pulpit each Sunday until a replacement can be found.  The replacement may be an interim pastor, someone who would be present for a prolonged period of time until a permanent replacement can be found.  Superintendent Carlo and Bishop Hagiya have the pastor profile which was created to facilitate a match for our congregation.  Please be patient as this process may continue to bring uncertainty in the following weeks. Know that the SPR team is actively engaged in finding a replacement pastor.  Pray for all those that will help continue our pastoral mission during this period. Please continue to raise Donna Collins, our office manager, in your prayers as she keeps the office going during this time of transition. You will be kept informed about the process toward the appointment of our new pastor.

Jeff Worrell
Chairman SPR