Register for Lay School of Theology

The Alaska Lay School of Theology is sponsored by Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology and co-sponsored by the Alaska United Methodist Conference. The school meets each fall, offering an opportunity for laity and others to explore issues of spirituality, theology, religion, and church leadership with faculty from Perkins.

September 19 – 20

Saint John United Methodist Church
1801 O’Malley Road
Anchorage, AK 99507

For registration information, download the brochure by clicking here.

Choose from one of the following two courses.

  • Mary, Mystics, and Martyrs:  Models and Mentors of the Faith

Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner
Professor of Pastoral Care
Perkins School of Theology
Southern Methodist University

“Faith of our fathers (and mothers), living still” will be the focus of this workshop exploring Christian models, spiritual mentors, and our own spiritual formation. By way of supplementing the usual emphases in the Reformed tradition, this class will highlight the role of Mary, mother of Jesus, and her living legacy as well as the classical and continuing contributions of mystics and martyrs such as Howard

Thurman and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Art, icons, music, films, and documentaries will supplement the lectures, discussions, and readings. This workshop is designed to nurture habits and disciplines of study, prayer, and reflection that increase love of God, neighbor, and self to shape personal and professional lives.

  • Disturbing Texts in the New Testament

Sze-kar Wan
Professor of New Testament
Perkins School of Theology
Southern Methodist University

This course examines principal New Testament texts that challenge our modern secular assumptions about whether and how Christianity should or should not engage social and political institutions. We will examine, among others, the so-called Nazareth Manifesto in Luke 4, the “God and Caesar” controversy between Jesus and his opponents, and Paul’s unsettling text of “submission to authorities” in Romans 13.