Mission works

Jesus was asked for a bullet statement: ‘What is the greatest commandment?’ He responded, ‘Love God with all of your heart and your soul and your mind… [and] love your neighbor as yourself.’ Christian faith and deeds hang on this commandment.  With this commandment in mind, Mission Team selected the following charitable and beneficial organizations for quarterly funding:

  • Birchwood Camp/Bruce Roberts Scholarship Fund – $1,000
  • Chugiak/Eagle River Food Pantry – $1,000
  • Cynthia Sage Lowe Fund – $800
  • Shelter Box USA – $500
  • Alaska Youth for Christ – $200

One Mission activity for the month of August was “Church Is A Verb” Sunday. Many jobs were provided out in the community as well as at the church. It was a great turnout. Missions Team would like to thank everyone for their help. Another Mission activity was the purchase and delivery of school supplies and backpacks to Chugiak Children’s Services for children in the Head Start program.

Thanks go to the Recycle for a Reason (R4R) operations for funds to make it possible to support neighbors in need. After 20 months of distributing recycled items to those in need, the money collected from the sale of the rest of the donated items has made a sizable fund.  That money was designated for mission projects in the community and in the world.

It seems impossible … and absolutely wonderful …, but the Mission Team has used that money to gift mission projects with over $12,000.  Scholarships to Birchwood Camp were increased by $2,500; the Food Pantry was given an equal amount.  ShelterBox International received $1,000 and an emergency fund administered by the UMCC’s pastor has received $1,800.  Six other groups have benefited, thanks to all who work on the R4R project ant those who review the grant requests.

R4R now benefits fifty-seven charitable organizations with free items from their monthly inventory. From a modest start, R4R has become an enormous resource for our community.

John Mitchell
Missions Team