Weekly Bible study and dinner begins

Beginning on the 8th of September, fellow church members will meet for food, laughter, and bible learning. Interested adults will meet on Monday evenings at 6:30 p.m. at the church. The year will begin with a thirteen week study of people who witnessed events in the life of Jesus. Stories of such people as the olive presser, the cloth maker, Balthasar’s apprentice, and the Centurion are a few of the characters that will be introduced and discussed. By discovering the people near Jesus, participants will also learn how people lived, worked and worshipped during this time.

There will be a story and scriptures to read each week. All will meet for a shared meal followed by a discussion of the week’s lesson and readings. The evening will close with brief prayers as all go separate ways for the week. Come relax and let someone else do the cooking, laugh, and learn as we share our ideas. All are invited to be part of this small group to pray and share concerns and joys with each other.

Meals are provided by the members of the group. Depending on how many join, it can mean cooking as little as once every 12 weeks. Variety is the spice of life as are our meals; soup & sandwiches, pizza, casseroles, and culinary experiments have delighted, surprised and/or entertained us.

Please come for a time to refresh, re-create and stimulate your mind and spirit. For questions or to sign up for this study, please email Jackie Holmquist at craftybabes@umcchugiak.org.