Faith Community Nurses to offer classes

Though the Faith Community Nurses (FCN) are still available for blood pressure checks, medication counseling, and other health and wellness conversations, the FCN’s focus for this fall will be on plant-based foods and their benefits to health.

In a three part series, Betty Burke and Jackie Holmquist will share information about how increasing your intake of whole healthy plant-based foods can improve many aspects of your general health. Each session will involve a lecture/discussion component followed by a cooking demonstration to learn some delicious new ways to get plant-based foods into your meal plan. The October session will focus on soups and breads, November on side dishes and desserts for holiday meals, and December will be a finger food potluck party with a demonstration of some easy appetizers.

To register for the classes, for more information, or to request a blood pressure or other screening, contact either Betty or Jackie or email them at .