A note from the Trustees

The Trustees would like to remind everyone to ensure our building and facilities are safe and secure.  If you notice something that needs to be fixed, repaired, replaced, etc., just drop a note in the Trustees’ cubby in the Work Room.  If you are hosting or attending a class, meeting, or a function at the church, take a moment to ensure the lights are off, windows are closed, and all outside doors are locked. Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated.

This summer Trustees had a radio fire alarm system installed and monitored by Guardian Security. The building has always had fire alarms and extinguishers, but this is a much more efficient system.  Should anything occur, Guardian Security will call one of the four people listed on their call sheet. If one of them does not respond, the Fire Department will be called.  Previously the alarm just went off inside the building without notifying the Fire Department.