Wheels for Pastor Gary

On fairly short notice, the congregation came together to provide reliable transportation for Pastor Gary for the 10 months he will be with us. First, Amy Limeres diligently shopped for the most favorable long term rental options. She found a month-to-month option at $700 per month which was considerably less than the other vendors she contacted. On August 29th, Bonnie Bailey took Gary to pick up the rental.

Meanwhile, the ‘word’ got around and a member stepped forward to offer a 4 year old Kia minivan to the Church at $9,100 which is about $1,500 below ‘blue book’ value. The thought was that after Gary’s stay the van could be sold and the congregation could re-coup most or all of the purchase price. This would seem preferable to simply spending $7,000 on the rental with no prospect of any return. The Trustees and the Finance Team decided to take the rental for a month while the purchase was considered.

After review, we decided to borrow $8,000 of the purchase from the dedicated Window fund which would be repaid plus 4% interest next spring when we sell the car. The other $1,100 of the purchase price (to make it up to the $9,100) will come from Pastor Salary Budget as we did not expend any from that account while the position was open. This also serves to protect the Window fund from price depreciation on van between now and the sale in the spring. Even with an additional $700 cost of insurance to cover Gary in the purchased van, we believe we will save several thousand dollars over the rental option. And Gary has a very well maintained van as the member who owned the van previously is the original owner and maintained the vehicle meticulously.

So, the Finance Team, the Trustees, the Staff Parish Relations Committee and all involved can say: “phew, glad that’s done!” And the van already has good snow tires on it so Gary can navigate our sometimes slippery roads this winter in safety.