Birchwood Camp News

Birchwood Camp is an integral part of the camping ministry of our Alaska United Methodist Conference.  It is located just a short distance from our church facility in Chugiak off of the South Birchwood Loop, not far from Chugiak High School. Many are very active in the camp, have attended camp and been a part of the ministry of Birchwood Camp for years and decades.  Others people may not be aware of this wonderful ministry in our midst.

On Sunday, October 26, Birchwood Camp held their annual auction and election of Board Members for the upcoming year.  The auction was a fun success and fund raiser for the camp.  One of the new additions at Birchwood Camp is Fireweed Hall and the goal is to add restrooms to this new facility.

Several folks from UMC of Chugiak were elected to the Board of Directors:  Dave Wachsmuth, Amy Limeres, Nathan Wood, and Jeanette Legenza.  We give thanks for this service beyond UMCC  in the name of Christ.

Additionally, Birchwood Camp is an approved Advance Special of the Alaska United Methodist Conference.  Please see the article in this newsletter about Giving Tuesday.  If you want to donate to Birchwood Camp you may do so at any time through our church offering (please note on you gift “Birchwood Camp”) or online through – follow the “Advance” link.