Church auction update

This year’s auction was held on October 18. The theme was Hollywood Goes Carnival in a subtle bow to the Halloween season. There were many great costumes; Jane Austen supervised the cake walk and a rather ostentatious witch scurried around placing last minute signs. Small fairies and creatures abounded and there was even an amazing Wile E. Coyote. Once Vanna announced dinner, which was catered by the Chugiak Senior Center and our own youth group, the atmosphere began to hum.

“Judge” Will Taygan upped the energy level a notch when he announced the possibility of jail time for real or perceived offenses. Luckily for everyone, bail payments were reasonably priced and bribes to sentence a friend or foe to jail or remove said persons from jail were only slightly higher. Sheriff John Mitchell and Co-Sheriff Rundy Galles were kept busy ushering people into and out of jail between live auction bidding. Everyone stood and cheered when someone put the Judge into jail. By the end of the evening, Dave Flagg, Wally Thomas, and Jackie “Vanna” Holmquist had auctioned all the donated services and items. The auction raised about $3,000 toward our new church sign!

As business for the jail slowed, DJ Max Friedli turned up the volume for dancing. Judge Taygan, bewigged and robed, was seen dancing the Macarena with Kimberly “I Love Lucy” Holmquist and a rather long entourage of young dancers!

Everyone had a fun time. Expect more community fun-raising events as the year rolls along.

A big thank you goes out to Julie Foster, June Mitchell, Jackie Holmquist and Bonnie Bailey their hard work in organizing the 2014 Auction.