November 16 is Grow-One Sunday

You’ve probably read or heard about Grow-One Sunday coming up on Sunday, November 16. We are asking that you consider raising your giving by 1 percent of your income (GROW-TOWARD-TITHING) or that you GROW-A-STEP in a dollar amount of your own choosing.

When we Grow-One, how will our church use the money?

  • Staffing to meet the needs of our youth, the elderly, and every congregational family
  • Christian education to maintain and improve our teaching material, to offer new and expanded programs
  • Property and maintenance to keep our property in an appropriate state of repair, and to purchase equipment for our programs so that we can continue our       mission outreach to the community

These are a few of our needs.

Our church budget process begins with our income. We can only budget our expenses after we determine our income.

We need EVERY MEMBER on the team! Let’s all GROW (at least ONE) together!