The mission of Homework Club

God has used several ways to call the United Methodists of Chugiak to minister to the neighborhood children. One part of the call came from children playing in our lower parking lot. Another call came from someone concerned about the crowded indoor conditions mobile home residents, particularly children, endure in the cold months. The final push came from an elementary school teacher at Fire Lake Elementary who saw the educational disadvantages children of non-English speaking parents face.

The calls from various parts of the community combined to show UMCC that God had a plan. That plan was researched by an exploratory committee of the church and included other community Christians, all of whom heard the same call. The end result was a program that began in January 2014.

After a trial run of one semester, the question was, should this program continue in the fall semester or should the program be dropped? The answer to that question came from a conversation between a teacher at Fire Lake Elementary and a young student who had participated in the Homework Club.   Last May this teacher asked the child if she was looking forward to summer. The child replied, “Yes, but I want homework.” What an odd answer! Then the child went on to clarify her statement. “No, I mean I want Homework Club.”

So, it was determined that the Club should continue this fall. To date, 23 kids are enrolled and several more are expected. So far, staffing has been adequate. However, adequate is not optimal. A cadre of substitutes is necessary for times when the regular staff members are not available. Regular volunteers would be welcome also. An education background is not necessary, only the ability to love children. The mission of the Homework Club is to show Christ’s love for all by partnering with parents to

  • Help children learn and grow
  • Provide children a safe and fun place to play

For more information or to help with the program, contact