Insuring a welcoming church

A few weeks ago an article appeared in the Alaska Dispatch News which gave suggestions that could be invaluable in welcoming guests to our church. The term “guest” was emphasized to stress the importance of preparing a church building with as much deliberation as one would when inviting guests to one’s home.

Several points were brought to the fore.  Is the nursery clean and are the attendants friendly?  Thanks to LeAnn Groth and her staff, there are no worries there.  But, can the nursery easily be found?  For that matter, can guests even find the main part of our church (the sanctuary)? Are people present to greet new guests and give directions?  How welcoming it would be if all members of UMCC extended that kindness when unfamiliar faces walk through the church doors!

Each of us needs to be the eyes and ears of the church “home”.  If something is found that needs attention, be sure to notify the Trustees or contact one of the Lay Leaders, David Flagg or Kay Abrams. A note could also be put in the offering plate to indicate areas of concern.  Please let David or Kay know if you may have the skills to address the problem directly. A gentle reminder may sometimes be needed to ensure the problem has not been forgotten.

Please be a welcoming part of our church with kind, welcoming words as well as actions.