Chugiak Children’s Services Christmas Gift Event

In the spirit of Christian giving, the Missions Committee continued a long tradition in our church: the CCS Christmas Gift Event. Through our long and deep connection with Chugiak Children’s Services, our church was provided with the names of fourteen neighborhood families in need. For the benefit of those families, and our own need to give, practical gifts such as clothing as well as fun gifts that promote healthy activities were donated by church members and assembled by Missions for wrapping and distribution. Each family also received a frozen turkey and other food which were also generously donated.

Sorting and wrapping gifts as well as inventorying food donations was no small undertaking! In the end, each sponsored family received attractively wrapped presents and ingredients for a complete traditional Christmas dinner.

A heartfelt thank you to all who volunteered in this year’s event. You not only helped to bring a little more Christmas joy to others less fortunate, but also let these neighbors know that this congregation cares.

Thank you, Sharolyn Baldwin, for so capably chairing this event.