EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) giving units increase

The Church will find its finances easier to manage in 2015 due to an increase in the number of pledges being made through Electronic Fund Transfers. This method of giving not only helps individuals to become more regular with their tithes and offerings but helps the church by creating a more predictable income flow.

Anyone can initiate this method of giving by completing the form on the back of a pledge card located on the bulletin table. The form, when completed, can be mailed to the church or put in the offering plate. The Financial Secretary will then complete the process to have your weekly/bi-weekly/monthly gift automatically transferred from your checking or savings account directly to the church. For those wishing to have their offering physically blessed at the altar, a symbolic gold coin can be picked up at the sanctuary entrance and dropped into the plate on the Sunday your transfer occurs.

Many people have automatic payments made for utilities, mortgages and credit card purchases. Isn’t your offering to God just as important?

If you have concerns or questions about EFT giving, contact financialsecretary@umcc.org.