R4R (Recycle for a Reason) completes second year

The mission to recycle the community’s usable household items, which started in January of 2013 as a three month trial, has grown in popularity and generated blessings that no one anticipated. As Recycle for a Reason celebrates its second anniversary, staff and the R4R board reflect back on the ways the project has blessed both the community and our church.

We have literally recycled tons of goods and material, helping over 83 entities to accomplish their mission by giving them needed items. These 83 groups have, in turn, supplied hundreds of individuals with clothing, furniture, and equipment. And since those items are now being used, they are not in the land fill. New items do not need to be purchased at over-the-counter prices, thus stretching budgets. Additionally, tons of natural resources are available for future generations because of decreased overall consumption. True, this is only a drop in the bucket toward saving our planet, but the “bucket” is filled with an accumulation of drops.

In addition to these reasons to recycle, the money donated for the left-overs have funded missions, locally and world-wide, with over $25,000. After paying the expenses of doing business, all monies derived from this project are used to fund missions. Some are missions regularly supported by UMCC, but most are groups who have applied for grants.

In addition to the physical and financial support, R4R has helped foster the Kingdom of God in Chugiak and Eagle River in other ways. Many new friendships have developed among the volunteers as well as the regular shoppers. Volunteers have been able to minister to those needing human contact and a friendly ear. The simple act of recognizing a face from last month’s sale builds community. And with community, comes caring, a characteristic of the coming Kingdom.

UMCC has used Recycle for a Reason to be a blessing to the community and has, in turn, been blessed. Praise God!