Reflections from the Pastor

It seems that we have just celebrated the New Year and now Super Bowl has passed and we are looking forward to the Christian season of Lent.  In this February 2015 of the Crier is an article from the Upper Room which shares some basics about the Lenten Season.  A traditional way of beginning the season of Lent is with the imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday.  UMCC will share in an Ash Wednesday service and I hope that you might consider this as an appropriate way to begin the Lenten journey.

With the beginning of February I also realize that I have passed the one-half mark in my time with you as your Intentional Interim Pastor.  In many ways it seems like I have just arrived.  In other ways it seems like I have been with you longer than five months.  I know that in many ways our remaining time together will move quickly; there are many days and months before us.

I continue to be amazed and impressed with the ministry and the mission of UMCC.  Of course, let us not rest on our laurels or past accomplishments.  A question that is always appropriate for our prayerful consideration is “How is God calling UMCC today, in 2015?”  That will certainly be different than it was in 1960 and different than it will be in 2025.  God continues to call and send us forth in ministry and mission in each new year, new decade, and new generation.  Like young Samuel in the Old Testament, can we open our ears and our hearts to the voice of God calling?  Can we open ourselves like the disciples on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, to the voice of Jesus?

I look forward to the months before us and our ministry and mission together.  And I look forward to worshiping with you each and every Sunday.

Pastor Gary