Stephen Ministry: welcoming, nurturing, and serving

Welcoming those who are hurting into Christ’s arms, and welcoming those with the gift of caring and compassion into ministry with us.

Nurturing our care receivers and each other through caring relationships and continued attention to Christ.

Serving Christ as caregivers to those in need.

Stephen Ministers are members of the congregation who have volunteered their time and service. They’ve received 50 hours of training (approximately 25 weeks) that include sessions on listening and caring for people in life’s stressful situations.  We are not problem solvers. Stephen Ministers would never say, “Well, I think you should just…”.  We will listen and reflect on what we hear you saying and help you clarify what you think is going on. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you without speaking, and a Stephen Minister will do just that.  We know many community resources that might be able to assist you in your given situation, and have received training on when to refer a person to professional services or to Pastor Gary.

Stephen Ministers live out the phrase, “Stephen Ministers are the care; God is the cure.” We are Christ physically present with you, listening, sharing in your pain, praying with you and for you. We believe God will provide for you; we walk beside you as a caring Christian friend.  This relationship can last just a few months or a year, depending on the need of each individual.

Stephen Ministers receive support and prayer themselves through regular meetings with each other.  Stephen Ministers also receive regular and ongoing education to keep our skills fresh, as well as learn of new needs and ways to minister to those in need of ministry.

If you’ve been told that you’re a good listener, that people feel better after talking to you, or you feel called to care for others through listening and prayer, then Stephen Ministry may be the place in this family of God for you.

We are hoping to have four to five people who are interested in becoming Stephen Ministers to begin the 50 hours of training (approximately 20 weeks and one weekend) this fall. If you are interested or just want information, please contact Sandra Woods, Jan Wachsmuth, or Pastor Gary.

Peace and grace be yours,
Sandra Woods