Weekly Alaska United Methodist Conference prayers

We, your conference staff, are continuing to find ways to keep all of our churches, clergy and lay people connected. Isolation and loneliness are realities for all of us and therefore we need to work extra hard to stay in touch. One of those ways is through prayer.

The Alaska United Methodist Conference has started a new weekly prayer email beginning this January. Every week a church, or church-related organization, will be the focus of prayer by the whole conference. The email will be sent out Thursday mornings and we invite you to share this information in your newsletters, on Facebook pages and by other means of communicating. We hope this will be a welcome addition to your churches’ prayer life and a strengthening cord for our life together as a conference.

At UMCC each week the weekly prayer focus will be included in the “announcement” section of our worship bulletin as well as being included in the pastoral prayer. You are invited and encouraged to keep this weekly focus with your devotional materials and include the congregation or United Methodist organization in your prayers that week.