One Great Hour of Sharing is March 15

One Great Hour of Sharing is one of six general church wide offerings within the United Methodist Church. This annual offering is an important funding source for the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). When a disaster strikes within the United States and anywhere in the world, most likely UMCOR is present. At times of such disaster we can contribute financially to the disaster response with the knowledge that 100% of our donation goes directly to the disaster response. There is no percentage or portion taken out for administration, promotion, or overhead. This is possible because our gifts to the One Great Hour of Sharing pay the administrative costs. Monies beyond that fund other emergency response.

When Pastor Gary was appointed as the Intentional Interim Pastor of the Tongan UMC in Salt Lake City, he lived within about a mile of the UMCOR Depot West in Salt Lake City. It is large complex of three warehouse buildings and staffed by two full-time employees, Brian and Maika. The West Depot is also staffed with volunteers and there are UMVIM teams at the Depot throughout much of the year. The UMCOR Depot West and the main UMCOR Depot in Louisiana are funded primarily through the One Great Hour of Sharing offering.

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