From the Pastor

The news for which we have all be waiting and anticipating has come. Bishop Hagiya intends to appoint the Rev. Timothy McConville on July 1, 2015. Pastor Tim is presently serving in Pennsylvania and he is a member of the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. More complete information about the Rev. McConville can be found in another article in this issue of the Crier.

We now have two months of waiting before we have the opportunity to meet and welcome Pastor Tim and Pamela to Alaska and the UMC of Chugiak. As one can imagine, they are busy saying farewell and preparing to move. And not just move, but move to Alaska! As I understand the plans at this time, Pastor Tim will drive to Alaska with his brother and Pamela will fly north.

During our weeks of anticipation and waiting, I would encourage that this also be a time of prayer. Let us remember Pastor Tim and Pamela in our prayers during this busy and exciting time their lives. It is also a bittersweet time as they say farewell to a congregation they have grown to love and as they sever those significant relationships.

Also, as we wait, life and ministry at the UMC of Chugiak continues. We continue to worship together each Sunday and we will have a new opportunity for worship this summer with the addition of the evening service. There will also be a Parsonage Open House on May 31. In early June there will be our Alaska Annual Conference Session meeting in Anchorage. It is at the Annual Conference Session when Bishop Hagiya will read and affix the pastoral appointments for 2015-2016.

I look forward to our remaining weeks together as your interim pastor. We pray for the continuing guidance and leading of God on our ministry and mission together these weeks and also in the years before us. I also look forward to worshipping with you each and every Sunday.