Teens become newest members

Sunday, April 26, saw the culmination of a confirmation journey for seven teens in our congregation. In January all began a course of study designed to learn what it means to become a disciple of Christ. Each was accompanied by a mentor, a mature Christian from our congregation.

Celebrations occurred in both services, as some of the teens were baptized and some re-affirmed their baptism, all accepting the responsibility of membership in the United Methodist Church of Chugiak. They, along with the entire congregation, affirmed vows to support Christ’s church with their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. Praise God!

Greetings to our newest members and the Body’s appreciation to all of the mentors.

  •         Brian Wing and mentor, Mark Burch
  •         Alex Reber and mentor, Shane Denny
  •         Roy Franklin and mentor, Stephen Sweezey
  •         Michael Reber and mentor, Mark Lindsey
  •         Danielle Thomas and mentor, Jackie Holmquist
  •         Julia Bassett and mentor, Karen Weckhorst
  •         Dylan Harter and mentor, Al Beck

Nathan Woods also participated as a mentor for Zach MacIntyre but had the journey cut short when Zach’s family moved to Fairbanks.

On the congregation’s behalf, prayer-partners petitioned God daily for each of the participants. Their help cannot be overrated. Pleading for God’s guidance and grace during the whole program were Joel Clark, Chuck Foster, Dave Glines, Sharolyn Lange, Dan Lien, Janet Ponder-Sutpin, and Barry Schimmack. Thank you for your participation.

Lastly, but far from the least, the congregation wishes to express its admiration and thanks to Julie Foster who coordinated the program from start to finish. Based on the hours of service she has devoted to the project, we owe her a HUGE debt. Additional thanks to Kay Abrams for her invaluable assistance to the program.