Update from the Finance Team

2014 and 2015 have brought many changes to the UMCC Finance Team. Our long-time Treasurer / Bookkeeper, Trish deMontfort moved away in mid-2014. LPD Bookkeeping Services was hired in early 2014 to allow for the new bookkeeper to learn that part of Trish’s job while she was still involved. Dawni Haines, the owner of LPD, and her employee, Lisa Azimi, are doing wonderfully and are a true pleasure to work with.

The second job that Trish had also been doing, that of Treasurer, has been passed on to Wally Thomas.

Another key position, the challenging job of Financial Secretary, has been filled by Rachel Runyan. This is a key role that requires several hours weekly to track offerings and deposits and the many details involved in keeping accurate records. The process allows the Finance Team and Church Council to have monthly reports in a timely manner. This is essential to being faithful stewards. Rachel has found many things that were well thought out by her predecessors, Ellen Franklin and Warren Ulrich. The contributions and improvements made to the process over past years by these two individuals and their assistance in getting the new Finance Secretary up to speed is greatly appreciated.

New members, Rundy Galles, and Matt and Sarah Summers, have joined the Finance Team. It is valuable to have their fresh approach when reviewing our financial practices. Hopefully, these individuals will become our future finance leaders. In addition, Jackie Holmquist, and Julie and Chuck Foster have offered to become counters. All Trustees, past and present, are also eligible for that task.   The Finance team is grateful for their help because this has lightened the burden on the existing group of counters.

Guidance, individual effort, support, patience, and prayers from current team members as well as Lisa Azimi and Donna Collins have been greatly appreciated.

Don Weckhorst, Jackie DeCou, Bonnie Bailey, and Kay Abrams, filling various roles, round out the Finance Team,

The current status of our finances and a sound budget will allow for some long deferred items to be purchased, and some long sought projects, to come to fruition. That is definitely good news!

The Finance Team’s efforts are a critical part of our church’s mission to “Transform the World by Making Disciples for Christ.”

Questions for the Finance Team or its chairman, Wally Thomas, may be sent to finance@umccchugiak.org.