Stephen Ministries and Caring Resources

Stephen Ministry provides confidential, one-to-one lay Christian ministry and support through difficult times to any UMCC members in need of caring. They also provide other resources to the congregation in the form of CareNotes brochures and Journey Through Grief booklets.

CareNotes are short, easy to read brochures covering a variety of topics: everyday stress, loss of a loved one, forgiveness, and caring for elderly parents. These brochures provide grace and support from a Christian perspective, and can be found in the brochure stand outside the Sanctuary.

Journey Through Grief booklets are specifically written to address the grief experienced from the loss of a loved one. There are four booklets in the set, addressing the changing aspects of grief over the first year of the loss. The booklets are given at specific points throughout that first year and have proven to be of great comfort to those in mourning. Many people find them to be an excellent resource and often pass them on to other friends and family members who are dealing with loss. These booklets are published by Stephen Ministries, and are also available in the brochure stand.

The Stephen Ministry brochure stand can be found near the large library table outside the Sanctuary. Look for the blue and orange Stephen Ministry Caring Resources sign. Take a look. Take one. Find hope.