Homework Club Succeeds, but Another Need Appears

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Homework Club makes a difference in the lives of the neighborhood kids.  In the last couple of weeks, positive proof came in the form of a group of middle school students. But, the Homework Club doesn’t minister to middle school students.  This is true, but they wish we would!  Several graduates of the program dropped by to greet the volunteers and asked if they could come back and join the Club again.  What a compliment!

From the start, we designed the program for 1st through 5th grade students.  Most of the kids come from Fire Lake Elementary school and live within walking distance of the church.  A few rely on their parents to pick them up and some attend another area school.  All the students arrive at the same time and have the “elementary” way of relating to the volunteers.  Middle schoolers get out of school 45 minutes earlier and have an entirely different curriculum.  Our volunteers, for the most part, have no experience dealing with that age level.

As much as we love our “graduates”, we simply cannot accommodate them.  It would require a whole new program, different study and play spaces and a whole new set of volunteers.  These kids need the support and help that Homework Club could offer, but sadly, we are not able to minister to them at the present time .

Please pray for a solution.