Worship Thoughts

Summer is well past and many people are preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Stores are already stocking their shelves with Christmas items.   UMCC’s summer worship schedule has concluded and the church is now back to the “normal” worship schedule, 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. The Worship Team would like to learn how we can serve you better. This past summer, we offered an evening service on Sunday so that weekend fishing and camping families would still be able to worship. Please let the Worship Team know your thoughts on how this option served you and your family.

Everyone has their own ideas of the “perfect” service, what brings us closer to God, what nourishes us in faith to face the world from Sunday to Sunday; no church will ever have the ultimate service for everyone. Still, the Worship Team wants to hear what’s been going well, in your opinion, AND what has not. What has touched you in a particular way in the past? Would you like to see anything added or changed? Send your thoughts to the church office or use the suggestion box and we will consider each and every comment. Anyone wishing to send comments can sent them to worship@umccchugiak.org.

As the Christmas season approaches with our two Christmas Eve services, we would like to ask all musically gifted individuals to think about something they may have to offer by way of special music for Advent and Christmas. Pastor Tim would also like to find a few folks who may be theatrically inclined to help with demonstration skits and other possibilities for worship. Please contact Pastor Tim or the Worship Team at worship@umcchugiak.org.

The Worship Team is here to serve you and make your experience at United Methodist Church of Chugiak the best it can be. We look forward to making wonderful worship memories together…let us know your thoughts and God bless!


Worship Committee, Chair