Recycle for a Reason Funds: where does the money go?

Each month, Recycle for a Reason (R4R) distributes bags and boxes of recycled items collected from the community. So far, over 103 groups and organizations have been able to serve those in need within our community through items that have been collected. But each month, there are literally tons of other things that need to find new homes. Those items form the basis of our monthly R4R sale.

All items are given away and offered to the community on a “Name your own price” basis. R4R only asks for a donation that is fair and reasonable and fits one’s budget. So what happens to the money collected each month? The church Council has approved this schedule for disbursement of the funds.

  1. Monthly, the money is deposited in a designated R4R account from which the following are deducted:
    • Direct expenses: receipt books, cost of storage containers, padlocks, signage materials, etc. These costs are determined and approved by the R4R Board of directors.
    • Indirect expenses of doing business (reimbursed to the church): $1,000 per month for 4 of 30 days in the month (based on number of days in which R4R is the major user of the building) for utilities and other ongoing costs based on 2013 actual expenses such as refuse, electricity, janitor services, gas, insurance, etc. $200 per month for future replacement of the gym floor. 10% of the gross profit for “rent” of the facility. This pays down the principal on the loan each month.
  1. Quarterly, the net profits are distributed as listedwith $500 held in reserve for direct expenses.
    • One-third: Used for mission projects built into UMCC’s budget, mostly in the area of apportionment, which include national service projects, United Methodist Committee On Relief, mission priorities set by the Alaska conference, scholarships, etc.
    • Two-thirds: Deposited in UMCC’s Mission Team account. Disbursement is overseen by the Team through grants.