Epiphany Stories and Quilts

The season of Christmastide has drawn to a close and Epiphany is upon us. Although Epiphany starts on Wednesday, January 6th, we celebrated Epiphany Sunday on January 3rd. The season extends into February, ending on February 10th, which is Ash Wednesday.

UMCC will continue its tradition of decorating the sanctuary with handmade quilts during this Season of Light. If you have made or own a handmade quilt, we ask that you share it with your church family, along with the story of its creation. The quilts will be hung in the sanctuary and around the building to remind us of the warmth that God’s light generates in our lives. Contact Jan Glines or Karen Weckhorst for more information, or to share your quilt. The first quilts will be hung in time for the January 10th service.

Another tradition surrounding Epiphany is the sharing of personal stories about times when Light has appeared in our lives. It might have been an enlightening experience, or a time when someone gave you “a light” that allowed you see your way more clearly. It may have been a time when your burden was lightened by some insight given by God or through God by way of a friend or stranger. If you have a story, please share it! Please contact Betty Burke to get on the calendar. Five Sundays are available, two time slots for each Sunday.