Review Time for R4R

At the January 21st meeting of the Church Council, we will be deciding whether or not to continue our recycling program, Recycle for a Reason. This is a bi-yearly event during which we review the program and determine how successful it’s been in achieving our goals.

The program was originally designed to serve these purposes:

  1. Create a place for used items in the community to be recycled. (There are currently no “manned” stations in the area that accept donations of used items.)
  2. Reallocate community resources as a mission to those in need. (We are teamed with Love INC, CCS, Pregnancy Crisis Center, Prison ministries, etc.)
  3. Create a portal through which new people can be introduced to the church.
  4. Provide opportunity for volunteer service to high school students and other community members.
  5. Provide hands-on work training/experience for students and challenged job seekers.
  6. Raise funds for church missions/projects.

If you have thoughts regarding the continuation of this project, we encourage you to attend the meeting (everyone is always welcome to be a part of this decision making body) and express you opinion. If you are unable to attend, please send your input to or contact chair, Jackie Holmquist.