Free Social-Style Dance Classes

Every Thursday evening (other than the second of each month), at 7pm, we will be gathering for wholesome fun and to learn some new dance steps. We will be starting out learning the Country Two Step, a fun dance that can be danced to a variety of music. There will be a lesson and then a time of socializing and free dancing to practice the steps we know. If there is interest we will eventually also learn Swing Dancing and Waltzing. This will be an evening of fun, laughter, and lots of dancing! Feel free to check the group out any Thursday you are available, we would love to have you join us. Bring a smile, a willingness to learn, comfortable shoes, a donation for the church if you can, and as many friends as you can wrangle into joining you in this evening of dance! This class is geared toward those in high school and young adults, though adults of every age are more than welcome to join. All partners will be rotated throughout the evening, although married couples are welcome to stay together. This is a great place to meet new people, make new friends, and learn fabulous new dance steps! Feel free to bring a partner or to come on your own, though the more the merrier, so the more people you invite the more fun we will have. We hope to see you!

Contact Michaelia Massong  or Kay Abrams for more details.