What is June’s “Guy Sale” All About?

Every year, Recycle for a Reason’s June sale gathers items that are of particular interest to men (and women!) who do repair work, garden or take part in outdoor activities.  Collected and displayed in tents and the picnic pavilion, these treasures present a big draw. Regular shoppers count on it and the once-a-year garage-salers come in droves.

The income from the Guy Sale is dedicated to Eagle Scout projects. The Scouts set up the outside display, “man” it, count and deposit the money and clean up afterward.  The money collected is kept separate from the regular R4R income, in a designated account used exclusively for grants for Eagle Scout projects.

Michael Reber organized the first Scout sale, and the money used to build a safe stairway for the United Methodist Church. The next year saw Sam Hall and his scout troop outside accepting donations from buyers. Sam used the money for the raised beds and fencing for the community garden. This year, Brian Wing plans to continue that project by building a tool shed and water tank stand.

The boys may only raise money after the BSA evaluation board approves their projects. But since the Guy sale only happens in June, the two timelines don’t always mesh. With that in mind, a grant fund was set up using the money brought in by the Guy Sale. This allows those who organize a sale to apply for support from the fund after they get approval for their projects. (In Brian Wing’s case, he’s already gotten approval from BSA so that won’t be a problem.)

Brian worked last year’s sale from beginning to end, showing his dedication. His intended project is an ambitious one, and although he will have the option of applying for residual funds as well, let’s show our support and shop! This joint endeavor is enriching for all.