Youth on a Mission

This summer will be the UMCC Youth Group’s 10th mission trip. That’s quite an accomplishment for any youth group. We’ve learned a lot since the beginning, both as youth and as adults. We’ve also had several youth go on mission trips with other groups and that says something about their commitment to Mission and Outreach. We’ve learned that no matter how much we think we are giving, we get more out of the experience than we could have imagined.

We’ve mastered skills we didn’t ever dream would come in handy. We can level ground and pour a simple foundation. We can do very simple framing and stucco. We can mix concrete by hand and drive a nail straight. We can measure twice and cut once. We can clear land and paint. We can do simple wiring and have enough time left over to learn to drive a standard transmission truck. We can make a chicken coop out of scrap wood after recalculating the dimensions by hand to make it smaller than the original plans called for.

We can live for a week without a cell phone or access to our social media account. We can cook on a propane stove and wash in a gallon of water. We can sleep on the ground, with or without a solid roof over our heads.

To prepare for these adventures we learned how to run an espresso stand. We take the same training that your coffee stand staff take.  We learn to manage our supplies and clean up after the shift is over. We learn money management. The adults are only there to supervise and assist; it’s the youth that do the work.

We laugh and cry and learn to love each other through all kinds of situations. But most of all, we live out our calling when Jesus asked, “Do you love me?” And when we answer yes, He says, “Feed my sheep.”

We succeed because we are doing Christ’s work with your help. This year we are going to the small rural town of Chiloquin, OR (about 160 miles southeast of Eugene, OR).  We’ll be staying at the United Methodist Church and going out during the day to work on community buildings and private homes in need of repair.

How can you help us? Our main fundraiser is the Supreme Bean stand. We ask that you make a fair contribution for the drink you get. Or just come down and make a donation. You can also donate to the Youth Group directly – just add that to the memo line if you write a check. We’ll be hosting a fundraiser this spring and we hope you’ll take part!

We’re excited about this new adventure and ask that you support these amazing young adults and help them realize the gift of mission and service in Christ’s name.